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10-Mile Mountain Bike Ride

Start: 10:15 AM
Registration: 8:45—9:45 AM
Start/finish line: The base of Mount Ascutney
Fee: Before August 7, $70 plus $150 fundraising minimum 
*Fee increases by $5 on August 7 and August 11


Event Day - The FAQs

Ride day will begin at registration, where you will receive your cue sheet, a bib number to wear on the back of your jersey, and an event t-shirt. If you purchased a jersey, you will receive it at registration as well. Please be ready by 10:00 AM for a riders meeting prior to departure. 

Have questions about the ride? Click below to read our FAQ sheet, which we hope will offer all the answers you need.

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10-Mile Mountain Bike Ride Description

The following description is offered by STAB, an association of volunteers responsible for the local networks of multi-use recreational trails on and around Mount Ascutney. The public on-mountain trails, including a network of hiking-only trails to the summit and the incredible mountain-biking system, are available to use free of charge at Ascutney Trails. 
  • The 10-mile mountain bike ride is a classic tour of the Ascutney Trails network. Just like the 20-mile ride, the 10-miler starts off with some smooth dirt road to get riders warmed up.
  • Then it's into the legendary Mile Long Field for a gentle curvy climb, in and out of the shady trees, until reaching the top of the field and some well-positioned picnic tables for resting and taking in the view.
  • A little singletrack climbing follows, and then riders will get to traverse the side of the mountain on double-track trails toward the far reaches of the network.
  • Some double-track climbing leads to one of the showcase trails of Ascutney, Grassy Knoll, and a wild, flowing descent before heading back toward home.
  • The return stretch joins the 20-mile course at the Bicentennial Trail, mixing technical trails and flow before opening up into the ski slope trails and their wide, sweeping turns down to the P2P Festival.
  • The 10-mile ride is a solid intermediate ride, with some technical trail riding and enough climbing to make sure riders know they're on the side of a mountain. As with the 20-mile ride, shortcuts will be clearly marked for those who want to skip some of the uphill (but they'll miss some of the best stuff, too!).
You don't have to hit the trail alone. Create a team and bring your friends! Registering with a team is easy and fun!

Rest Stops and Cutoff Times

All rest stops will offer water, electrolyte drinks, and energy food. In order to manage the operations of the ride, cyclists must enter the rest stop prior to the cutoff time. Green Mountain Bike Patrol will be out on the trails, providing support for cyclists who are struggling or having technical issues. 

Riders must finish by 2:00 PM.

Rest Stop

The 10-mile trail bike ride has one rest stop, located at approximately mile 4.5.
Cutoff time: 12:30 PM


Get Ready to Ride!

2018 Rider Packet

Your rider packet, complete with course information, will be emailed to you as we get closer to the event. Packets will include maps for road rides.